Tuesday, March 12, 2024

Join Africa’s Largest Community of Tech Developers Created By Seelicon Tech Academy

Hello there,

Am Kaka Olawale, K.O from Nigeria. Being a tech developer for almost a decade, I saw the huge potentials of talents pen in Africa. And based on my ever growing capacity to make a change, I decided to start pouring out myself to the next generation so as to promote the future of technology in Africa. I have trained over 6000 young people free and also made some courses affordable for anyone at my online academy. 

Recently I thought to bring together the largest community of tech developers around the globe with a focus on helping African talents to meet the global standard of tech innovation and skill development in areas like python and it's technologies, securities and other stacks.

Am inviting anyone who may like to join me in this vision to help young talents in Africa or get help from professionals in the industries for mentorship and big fixings. 

If you would like to pls kindly join via the link here.
You would help people get through their skills development, solve issues in different stacks especially python. Join Seelicon Tech Community here:

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