Saturday, March 9, 2024

Re: facial recognition

You need to study the fundamentals of how web applications work :)
Ok, you have a code that works for face recognition that is probably just a script in python, if not you can create one with this library:

Then you need an interface to interact with this script, how? You can wrap it into a flask, Django or fastAPI application

From that you can create an endpoint that receives your image, calls your script and returns the result that you need

Then you need a web app so the users can enter the input that you need.

And that's all.

Have you tried asking google or chatGPT first? :) 
Asking questions or for help is always good, but people will offer more help if you show that you made some research first, or that you have more punctual questions.

On 9 Mar 2024, at 05:36, Iza kim <> wrote:

does anyone knows how to create a website for facial recognition? 

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