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Re: Student Club Management Web App: Seeking Collaboration and Advice from Experts

Much willing to help. Add me up 08166462615

On Saturday 2 March 2024 at 16:59:13 UTC+1 SOLTAN NOURELDIEN wrote:

Hello, I am currently working on my Django Project for a specific course at my university. I have already finished reading "Django for Beginners" by William S. Vincent. Now, I am eager to start this project, but I am still in the learning and research phase. Therefore, I will provide the requirements for the project and would appreciate feedback or any tips from anyone with experience in such projects.

For example, this will be my first time implementing a multi-user system. After doing extensive research, I learned about Django's model group concept managing this approach. Additionally, I discovered Django Channels and signals, which I have never heard of before. I would appreciate any advice or guidance on how to approach such a project.

Furthermore, if anyone is interested in joining me on this journey, it would be wonderful. We can learn a lot from this project together. The deadline is less than two months, so please provide your Discord or WhatsApp number, and we can create a group to collaborate on this project.

The requirements for the project are as follows:

An app for student clubs:

SKS Admin:
    • Create Club Page
    • Delete Club Page
    • Assign Club Manager
    • Activity Form (Approve, Reject)
    • Receive notifications (Whenever a change occurs in the club page) (Approve Change, Reject Change)
    • Request for Publishing Activity Post (Approve, Reject)
    • Search Club Page
    • Announce All Activities (Will be displayed on the main page)

Club Manager:

    • Fill out the activity form
    • Request for publishing Activity Post (Sending it to admin, and after approval, the activity will appear on the club main page)
    • Receive Notification (The response to the Activity Form & Activity Post publishing request)
    • Edit Activity Post (Admin manager will receive a notification)


    • Display weekly Activity Table
    • Display Clubs Main Page
    • Search (by category, by date)

I will only focus on the backend development and integrate it into the template. I have other team members who will provide the Static HTML, CSS & JS files. I will incorporate them into the Django templates and work on making them interactive.

Additionally, if time allows, I can implement additional features such as:

  • Manager:
    • Submit an application to SKS to assign a club
    • Initiate a chat conversation between the manager and the SKS
  • Student:
    • Become a member of a club
    • Follow Clubs
    • Follow the club pages
    • Like and comment on a post

If you have any ideas or know of existing projects that could serve as inspiration, please feel free to comment. I would greatly appreciate it.

Also, if you would like to collaborate with me for learning purposes and to work as a team, please don't hesitate to provide your contact information, and I will reach out to you. Thank you very much.

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