Thursday, June 26, 2014

Combining use of template tag + filter in same expression

I have a template in which I'm trying to achieve the use of the
'firstof' tag to display whichever of two variables is present, and
the resulting variable filtered through 'truncatewords'. Is there a
way this can be accomplished?

Have tried the following:

{% first of result.meta.summary|truncatewords:12
result.description|truncatewords:12 %}

It doesn't work as I thought it might, instead rendering 'None' in the template.

This construct seems to work as expected if only the last variable is
applied the filter:

{% firstof result.meta.summary result.description|truncatewords:2 %}

Can this be made to work? Or is the combination of firstof and a
filter on more than the last variable unsupported?

Python 2.7.7
Django 1.6.5

Darren Spruell

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