Wednesday, June 25, 2014

testing equality in template tag

with view code like so:

        import calendar
        months_choices = []
        for i in range(1,13):
            months_choices.append((i, calendar.month_name[i]))
        context['months'] = months_choices


context['default_month'] = today.month

I have this snippet in a template (my first use of lists like this):

<select name="month">
        {% for month in months %}
        <option {% if default_month == month.0 %} selected {% endif %}
                value="{{ month.0 }}">
            {{ month.1 }}</option>
        {% endfor %}

The issue is the  {% if default_month == month.0 %} always returns false... The rest of the select is properly built - I get a number for the value and the month name as the label.


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