Friday, June 27, 2014

Re: [ANNOUNCE] Django 1.7 release candidate 1

On 27/06/14 03:43, James Bennett wrote:
We're closing in on the final Django 1.7 release, so it's release-candidate time!

Details are up on the Django project blog:
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"FastCGI support via the runfcgi management command will be removed in Django 1.9. Please deploy your project using WSGI."

Why does the documentation *persist* in confusing FastCGI with WSGI?

FastCGI is a protocol and WSGI is an API. One can deploy a WSGI application over FastCGI and that is exactly what a FastCGI-to-WSGI adapter like flup does (flup is what runfcgi is written for). There are so many clarifications about this out there, including at least one by the author of mod_wsgi (

And it seems that the point made in the developer thread about deprecation being unwise was simply ignored and intentionally misunderstood (!topic/django-developers/oGmD8LvLTPg "Deprecate FCGI support in Django 1.7").

My case is just one example - there's an apache/mod_python/python2 application that I can't touch, so to run something on apache with python3 I need mod_fastcgi/mod_fcgi and flup. Mixing mod_python/python2 with mod_wsgi/python3 doesn't work even in daemon mode.

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