Friday, June 27, 2014


Dear all,

I'm trying to get the translations to work. After running makemessages I
find about 2500 items in the .pot file, not even 100 of which are of my app.

Most of them are from the "localflavor" package, also from
"django/contrib/admin" or even the names of the months from
Obviously I'm doing something wrong? It cannot be that the names of the
months in a standard Django package are not translated?
The localflavor package tries to make me translate all the names of the
cities in the world. I'm not using it, but still tried adding it to to
so maybe makemessages would find its translations, but no luck.

I must be missing something?

And then also the duplicates, when importing the pot file into poedit it
complains about duplicates. What's the recommendation here?
Generally do you keep duplicates or do you merge them? (How many times
does one really want to translate "homepage" and "email" ?)


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