Sunday, June 29, 2014

Django Contacts

Hi All,

I am looking for a contact manager app.

I've found Django-contacts, but there are a number of more forks - I
was wondering what people are using?


The idea is that a beautiful image is frameable. Everything you need
to see is there: It's everything you want, and it's very pleasing
because there's no extra information that you don't get to see.
Everything's in a nice package for you. But sublime art is
unframeable: It's an image or idea that implies that there's a bigger
image or idea that you can't see: You're only getting to look at a
fraction of it, and in that way it's both beautiful and scary, because
it's reminding you that there's more that you don't have access to.
It's now sort of left the piece itself and it's become your own
invention, so it's personal as well as being scary as well as being
beautiful, which is what I really like about art like that.
Adventure Time

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