Monday, April 27, 2015

pyodbc: Works in Plain Python, Django 1.8 Shell Throws Error

Running into a bit of an odd problem I hope someone can help with.

* Ubuntu Server 14.04, 64-bit (Vagrant box)
* Python 3.4
* Django 1.8
* pyodbc 3.0.8

pyodbc installs fine. When I do python3 and then import pyodbc, that works fine.

When I do python3 shell and then import pyodbc, however, I get this:

Got a bit of help in IRC with someone suggested to turn on pdb trace on the run_shell command, which I did, but then I just get this:
*** SystemError: initialization of pyodbc raised unreported exception

I just can't figure out why it'd work in a plain python interpreter but not in the Django shell, and I'm not sure how to diagnose or troubleshoot further.

Appreciate any tips or suggestions anyone might have. Thanks!

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