Thursday, April 30, 2015

Re: How to find a view in a complex web application

Hi Derek,

yes, your idea looks good.

Next question would be: How to lay out the database structure (models)?


Am Dienstag, 28. April 2015 16:04:35 UTC+2 schrieb Derek:
A quick "brain storm"...

One idea could be to keep all the metadata for your views - their full name; abbreviated name; aliases (alternate names); URL; keywords; and categories etc. in a single table.  You could then use this table to generate *multiple* possible ways for a user to "find" the view they need.

For example - you could present a list of categories (and sub-categories, and sub-sub-categories) which could be presented in a expandable list (jQuery-style).

You could create a tag-cloud and allow a user to 'expand' a single tag into related-views.

You could allow a user to create their own tags for searching and display (in a many-to-many table linked to user).

You could allow a user to "favourite" some of the views and allow the user to easily see (list/sort/search) those.

And, of course, a simple search button could be created to allow an 'incremental' display (auto-complete Google-style) of all possible matches from all fields in your table...

I am sure there are other ways you could think of to generate navigation options, including fancy graphic ones!

You would have to 'admin' this table of course, but the data in it could be changed dynamically (e.g. adding more categories and aliases) without affecting the logic of your app.

[Hey - this could even make a cool app on its own!]

Hope these ideas help....  my project is a just a boring menu-driven one.


On Tuesday, 28 April 2015 11:27:47 UTC+2, guettli wrote:
We have a complex intranet application.

It has many view.

The problem: How to find the view a user wants to use?

A huge sitemap HTML does not help.

Is there a way to search the matching view?

Maybe even with auto complete?

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