Thursday, April 30, 2015

Re: “Migrate” command for not recognised when using Django 1.8

Hey Kaya,

I suspect you have South installed and in your INSTALLED_APPS. This is not supported. South only supports Django <=1.6 -- Django >=1.7 has built-in migration support. Please see for a migration guide from South to Django migrations.


On Thursday, April 30, 2015 at 6:04:38 PM UTC+2, Kaya Luken wrote:

Using "path/to/mySite/ migrate" I get

Unknown command: 'migrate'  Type ' help' for usage.

Listed commands are:

changepassword    cleanup    compilemessages    createcachetable    createsuperuser    dbshell    diffsettings    dumpdata    flush    inspectdb    loaddata    makemessages    reset    runfcgi    runserver    shell    sql    sqlall    sqlclear    sqlcustom    sqlflush    sqlindexes    sqlinitialdata    sqlreset    sqlsequencereset    startapp    syncdb    test    testserver    validate

I believe "Migrate" was added as a native command for as of Django 1.7. According to "pip list" and the package documentation I am definitely using Django 1.8 and I explicitly called the correct versions of and in setup.

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