Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Get datetime now, not at server initialisation

I have a function that uses the current date to set up a file path
for uploaded images:


def upload_path():
dtnow = datetime.now(timezone.utc)
dtstr = '{:%Y/%m/%d/%H/%M/%S}'.format(dtnow)
print('dtstr: ')
dtstr = 'images/items/' + dtstr
return dtstr

class Image(models.Model):
item = models.ForeignKey(Item, on_delete=models.CASCADE)
#file = ImageField(_('image'), upload_to='images')
file = ImageField(_('image'), upload_to=upload_path())


The problem is that when the Image class calls 'upload_path' the
datetime portion of this is always the runserver initialisation time,
rather than the time when 'upload_path' is called/used.

How to fix this?


-- Clive

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