Tuesday, December 29, 2020

Re: send mail

Hi Masum,

On 28/12/2020 20.15, Masum Billah wrote:
> sen_mail function works at local host but i when i upload it to c-panel
> it does not work . it shows error .

You haven't provided much information, so it's a bit hard to help you,
but I assume you have configured Django to use some kind of mail
transport mechanism and it seems like you have a local SMTP server
available when using your local host.

That is most likely not the case on your hosting provider, so you need
to figure out how to configure Django to send mail in a way your hosting
provider supports.

When asking questions do try to provide relevant information. It will
make it a lot easier for other people to help you and greatly improve
your chances of getting a relevant answer.

Kind regards,

Kasper Laudrup

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