Tuesday, February 8, 2022

Django versus competitors survey


I am engaged in a web site development effort, and I think the core tech has got to be a CMS of some sort. I am coming from a 'pure' soft. dev. background, if you will, including 'web sites', API, etc, but re: Django, I am trying to gauge 'ecosystem' if you will and interested to hear from peers among the community thoughts, as compared/contrasted with competitors such as WordPress, Orchard Core, etc.

Maturity of Django as compared/contrasted with competitors. For instance, I understand that possibly 'theming' is something that was only just introduced to Django in recent versions? 7, 8, 9, 10? Something like that. Only now? Seems like 'others' have been able to do that for some time now?

Marketshare concerns. How much of a market share, adoption level is there with Django versus others?

Technical questions primarily stemming from the nature of the Python runtime, being that it is effectively single processor, single threaded. Is that ever a concern? Versus others who support asynchronous and so forth.

From a workflow perspective, ability to support 'development' inner and outer loops, what to treat as 'source code', pushing updates to different servers, testing, staging, production, etc. Can any of that be captured to a git repository, for instance, or is it all a function of the backend database upon which Django, or its competitors, is built?

Backend (or client side) integrations, because client side and/or backend integration is a possibility, support for calling into dotnet core, for instance, because it is 'what I know', or others, perhaps even C/C++ native backend processing, etc. Realizing some of that is probably a hosting issue, whether we are multi-tenant, dedicated server, etc.

It's a work in process, so please forgive the throwing of mud on the wall. No formal decisions have been made yet, this is exploratory on my part at the moment.

Thanks so much., best regards,

Michael W. Powell

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