Monday, February 28, 2022

Re: How to add object to users unique list?


Are you using class-based views? Does your view have a post() method?

I searched the web for `django "method not allowed (POST)"` and this is the first result that came up:



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On 28/02/2022 19.49, raf sandwich wrote:
Hi there. I have a system whereby users are recommended anime, and I want it so when they see anime on the website they can press a button on any anime shown, which will then add it to their 'UserList' which is a saved list that they can go back to and see whenever they want. 

I figure the button just needs to associate the with the POST request, and then add it to the user that is logged ins user.userlist.anime_in_list but I can't get it to work.

Currently my terminal is displaying the error

Method Not Allowed (POST): /anime/

Method not allowed: /anime/

when the button is pressed

A code break down for my, etc. is available on this reddit post:

Thanks for any help I'm so stuck and I think it's probably simple!

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