Saturday, February 26, 2022

hcaptcha module implementation with django.

Im trying to implement the hCaptcha module in my application. But I want the invisible option to be implemented and it doesn't work for me. The question is if anyone has an example that with the hcaptcha module the images don't appear and only the user can press the "I am human" option. Send code examples.

Amor Zamora
Behind the distance, 
your mouth and mine hide, 
complices of a kiss, caresses, fantasies, 
distance as close as the sky and the sea, 
my piece is in your bed, in mine, is your love.
Behind the distance hide love, memories, 
encounters, experiences, circumstances, pain and good times, 
it is after her, the distant ones, 
that we leave feelings, 
but if we really miss, 
it is only your time.

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