Friday, February 11, 2022


Hello all....

I have formsets working....but I seem to be encountering some performance issues if I have more than 25 rows.  I've looked at my database calls....select_related...prefetch_related...and I've polled several audiences...SO....Facebook Groups....and the consensus seems to be that Formsets are bad if you have a lot of rows.  I'm having trouble accepting that because if that was the case why do they exist?  And why is the default like 1000 forms?  I really like the formset concept....but I'm having a hard time accepting that if you have more than 25 rows it's just gonna be "slow".  And by slow I mean when I try to render the form using formsets and I have 100 rows of data with like 12 fields takes 19 seconds or so for the form to render.  Does this sound like normal behavior?  I'm legitimately asking as I honestly don't know.

Thanks in advance for any thoughts or feedback.


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