Tuesday, May 31, 2011

django-schedule + location model

Hi all,

I need to make a scheduling app and have found django-schedule:

Not sure if it is the best choice, as the author seems to have
disappeared, but the others I'd found looked too simplistic.

I've installed the demo, and got it working. However I'm new to
Django, so would appreciate if anyone could give me some pointers on
the best way to add a Location model to it. I've got a few things
working, but not sure how to proceed from here.

Is it ok to modify the third party app, or should I reference/subclass
it from my own somehow?

Also, in the schedule app there are Events and on-the-fly Occurrences
(the actual events which don't have a table). I'm not sure where to
put the ManyToMany relationship to physical Location(s) in this

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