Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Re: how to implement a data grid? (or populate inlineformset with initial data)

Thanks, Jayapal.

I was hoping there was a little less java/ more django way to do this
by utilizing a Django ModelForm or InlindeFormSet and rendering
partial views.

So am I missing the point of InlineFormSets? Can these not be
populated with data so they can be used to edit a set of existing



On May 31, 12:03 am, jai_python <jayapa...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi,
>     Long back i had used Dojodatagrid, plz go through my bloghttp://jayapal-d.blogspot.com/2009/08/dojo-datagrid-with-editable-cel...
> I am sure that we can do with jquery.
> Lemme know if u required any help.
> Thanks,
> Jayapal
> On May 31, 6:39 am, snfctech <tschm...@sacfoodcoop.com> wrote:
> > I want to display a list of records that have some editable fields and
> > some readonly fields, as well as asynchronously add new records to the
> > list.  I thought the way to start would be with an InlineFormSet - but
> > I can't figure out how to populate my formset with initialdata.  E.g.
> > MyInlineFormset(queryset=myquery.all()) or
> > MyInlineFormset(data=myquery.vales()) doesn't do the trick.
> > Can someone steer me in the right direction?
> > Thanks.

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