Monday, May 30, 2011

Re: SystemError from django.conf.settings

Yeah no worries, I will gather as much evidence as I can and post the
details tonight. FYI I am running python 2.5.2 which comes with debian
lenny, I did not compile it myself.

And yes you are right that the wsgi server plays such a small part in
the processing of a django page. The majority of my CPU time is spent
with the database and rendering views.

Which makes gunicorn an interesting option being pure python, but
overall not that important in terms of performance. I had just setup
the uwsgi Emperor mode which was very convenient so I will miss that.
My hacked together init.d script equivalent for gunicorn is not as


On May 30, 2:15 pm, "Roberto De Ioris" <> wrote:
> > As suggested on #django yesterday I swapped the site over to
> > runserver and also tried gunicorn and they are both stable so it looks
> > like a problem with uwsgi.
> As already suggested it looks like a Python c api problem, do you mind to
> fill a bug report in the uWSGI wiki with all the relevant information ?
> (mainly how python is compiled, as most of the time this kind of errors
> are related to python excessive optimizations)
> > Gunicorn is also surprisingly fast, beating uwsgi on a httperf test to
> > one of the heavier pages on the site.
> oh yes, and you will see tons of comparison reporting the opposite, others
> showing mod_wsgi is better and so on... Please try to understand that WSGI
> bridges/gateways/servers are pratically irrelevant in your app
> performance.
> Gunicorn works for you ? Perfect ! you have found your WSGI server ;)
> --
> Roberto De Ioris

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