Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Problem with layout

Hi friends,

recently I upgraded my django installed version to 1.3. 

To test it, i got a free html/css template from a page, and started a little web. The surprise came when I open development webserver, with all static files configured properly, and the resulting website (without any modification, only serving the same web template from django instead of filesystem) is wider, and some parts are malformed.

I used the same html template (without modifications), and the same images and CSS (CSS only modified to get properly routes).

Then, i set the same index.html and served from django server as static file (without using django routes, only servinc static html file). This file is malformed too, at the same way as serving as django page. The last test was to open that html file, from the same browsers, but this time from filesystem, instead of from django. File display correctly all layout.

Any idea about what is happening?

Thanks in advance

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