Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Fixture migrations using South?

I have some test fixtures with scenarios under test. Later, I need to
migrate (with South) the DB schema around, which of cours necessitates
changing domain and test code.

A common problem I run into, though, is that I also need to migrate
the data in my fixtures. It is possible to create a new DB, sync it
to a given migration point, load the fixture, run the remaining
migrations, and dump a new fixture, then drop the extra db. But it
seems like a very awkward dance given how often I have the problem.

Is there already a solution to this? It seems to me that South could
manage some book keeping to maintain what fixtures are at which
migration level, and a new south command could manage the migration of

./manage migrate --fixtures [all other options staying the same]

I imagine this would read/write some bookmark files to each affected
app's ./fixtures/ directory. If the bookmark file didn't exist, the
0001 schema would be assumed. Otherwise it'd be something along the
lines of:, and contents would roughly mirror
south_migrationhistory, perhaps in JSON format.


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