Monday, November 28, 2011

Re: Simple task dispatching (How heavy is celery + RabbitMQ)

On 11/28/2011 12:14 PM, Gelonida N wrote:
> Hi,
> I'd like to use a light weight dispatching system for a web server.
> Basically some django post requests might require processing, which
> should be done in the back ground due to its run times.
> The results would be added to the django data base.
> The browser could verify via AJAX requests whether the task is finished.
> The server would be running on a rather weak virtual machine with rather
> low memory (nginx / uwsgi / django )
> ( For testing I run the server on windows with one of the following
> setups (depending on what I'd like to test)
> - django runserver
> - twisted - django
> - cygwin/nginx - fastcgi - django
> Most people seem to recommend celery with RabbitMQ.
> If I understood well, rabbit MQ requires Erlang to be installed and I
> found some posts indicating that RabbitMQ requires quite some memory
> So I wondered whether celery / RabbitMq wouldn't be a little on the
> heavy side and eat away a little too much from my meory.
> Is there any good light weight dispatching alternative to celery or
> would this be one of these 'roll your own dispatcher' tasks?
Thanks a lot for all your answers.

To summarize quickly
RabbitMQ doe snot seem to be as greedy as I expected (probably around
19MB for my expected load)

Django-ztask is a small brokerless solution

Celery supports multiple brokers with difference performance. the dd
broker would not require an additional process (apart from celery)

uwsgi has a spooler which might be what I'm looking for I just would
like to execute some tasks, which are too slow to be treated directly
within an HTTP request sequentially one after the other.

However if I used uwsgi I had to look for an alternative implementation
and a small wrapper such, that the system would still be working on a
windows host without uwsgi. (performance on windows is not crucial, but
it should work)

Now I just need some time to test some of these options on windows PC
and on my tiny virtual linux host.

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