Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Re: converting a large site to Django

Thank you for your quick reply :)

Actually, I am a little concerned that I may have a lot of work ahead
of me!

I have an existing php based website that is used to advertise holiday
accommodation, and the pages that contain advert listings are
dynamically recreated every 24 hours.

I needed to implement a search feature, and this seemed much easier to
write in python than php, so on a new server I created a django
project, and basically all this contains is the modified home page of
the existing website with the search that generates a list of results.

Now I need to move across the rest of the website to the new server,
and I need to do this with minimal effort. I also need to preserve the
existing page URLs.

It maybe the case that there are no real shortcuts, but I just didn't
want to make unnecessary work for myself!

If anyone has some tips, please let me know.

Thanks again for the support


On Nov 30, 5:21 pm, creecode <> wrote:
> Hello Mark,
> On Wednesday, November 30, 2011 8:46:28 AM UTC-8, marjenni wrote:
> All seems good, but what I need to know is what is the easiest/> quickest way of moving across the rest of the website onto this new
> > server? Will I need an entry for each page in the urls file?
> It will be hard for us to answer that question unless we know more about
> how/where the old webpages are stored and how you would like to store them
> in your Django based website.
> You have several options:
>     Use an app like Flatpages <>, which
> comes with Django.  Webpages are stored in the database.  It might be
> pretty easy to populate your Django website with some python code you would
> write that would grab your old webpages, massage them, and store them into
> your new website database.
>     If the old webpages are static, you could put them into the static area
> of your website.
> Give us more detail and we can probably be of more help.
> Toodle-looooooooooooooooo..................
> creecode

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