Wednesday, November 30, 2011

unit tests and 'system' tests with history

I started implementing tests for my django application.

I anticipate two kind of tests:

1.) Unit tests

The unit tests should be as the uni tests are implemented in django.

They should be 'atomic' independent, could be executed in any order and
should always yield the same results

2.) Stress / System tests

I'd also like to do some other tests, where I work on a system and where
I am able to suffer from my history.

Example (the example is perhaps too simple to see what I'm aiming it)
- I create an entry
- I rename an entry
- I remove an entry

If I had three independent tests I would never find out if I had a weird
bug, which would make the system fail if I tried to remove an entry
which has been renamed before.

What would be a recommended way to run such system tests?

'just create a unit test, which is just calling sunb tests explicitely
in the required order?)

As part of these system tests I would like to add some of my unit tests,
but such, that the data base is NOT reset after each test run.

As you can see from my previous questions I'm used to 'non-atomic'
testing (This was for systems which needed a very huge startup time
and where taking snapshots was virtually impossible)

Thus I often combined unit tests / system tests.

These stress tests shall be able to run for several hours / days,
whereas unit tests would run in a few minutes.

Thanks for any suggestions

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