Wednesday, November 30, 2011

LocalWiki, a crazy-easy-to-use django-based geographic wiki, released!


We just made the first general public release of LocalWiki, a really
easy to use wiki that focuses on geographic communities. It's all
Django-based. Check it out:

Django devs will probably want to check out
and follow our 'manual' installation instructions :)

But check out how we've packaged the whole project as a single easy-to-
install Ubuntu package. We modeled the management system after Trac,
which seems to be the most widely installed Python-based web app
("localwiki-manage" is an alias to a 'python' inside a well-
contained virtualenv) Making it this easy to install (for non-
Djangonauts) was a big challenge, but I'm there's some stuff others
can learn.


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