Wednesday, December 28, 2011


In response to the recent discussion of SOPA on the django-dev list
(and to the recurring phenomenon of having no clearly defined space to
congregate to discuss "deeper" issues), I have started a new google
group, django-deeper.

As a relative newcomer to the django community, I have been
overwhelmed by the awesome vibes. Djangocon 2011 was one of the best
conferences (probably top 5 even) that I've ever been to.

From the very first peek at the project, it's clear that django has a
much sharper focus on community building than is typical for a
software project. The emphasis and effort on documentation, for
example, sends a strong signal that "this is not just a piece of
software, it's a group of passionate people." The mature and
open-minded atmosphere of the django IRC presence also suggests this.

As the django community expands in breadth and in depth, we need a way
to ensure that our underlying aspirations - expressed sometimes in the
form of python code but sometimes as political, philosophical, or
psychological prose, are likewise cultivated. My hope is that
django-deeper will provide a forum for those of us who welcome growth
in this direction.

Justin Holmes

Head Instructor, SlashRoot Collective
SlashRoot: Coffee House and Tech Dojo
60 Main Street
New Paltz, NY 12561

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