Saturday, December 31, 2011

Django dev/deploy environment for distributed agile teams

Hi everybody, we are working in a geographically distributed agile team. I am trying to design and configure our development environment and deployment procedures and need to know about your valuable experiences. My requirements are:

* Each new developer can kick-start developing: dev environment and all installs/configs (python related) should be achievable in 15 minutes. This procedure should be automated and repeatable.

* Everybody can pull & build whole project locally and run complete *functional* test suite

* Upon pushing code in our Github repo, it will be pulled out by our build/staging server automatically --> all *functional* & *non-functional* tests will be run by Jenkins --> if successful: we can test it manually on this server too.

* Admins can choose some features or profiles on this staging server and deploy them to live (production) server by ideally executing a script

I've read a lot about virtualenv, pip, fabric, puppet, chef & blueprint and used some of them but want to hear more about your recommendations, best practices and potential pitfalls. Appreciate it very much.

Happy new year :)


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