Thursday, December 29, 2011

Re: Maintain server-initiated FTP connection between client requests?

You will have to create a connection pool as a resident thread.
Briefly, a connection pool will take care of:
- Create a new connection if there is no connection available.
- Reuse a connection if possible.
- Remove connections that are no longer being used or that commanded
to close.

Then, your code will have have to communicate with the connection
pool. Example code:

# The connection_pool is smart enough to reuse a connection if it is
in the pool
ftp_connection = connection_pool.get_connection(server, user, pass)

current_dir = ftp_connection.getcwd()
dir_contents =

You have a similar implementation here:

On Dec 29, 2:51 am, Jordon Wing <> wrote:
> Hey,
> I'm going to use ftplib to open up an FTP connection to an FTP server
> provided by the user.  The client will be sending FTP commands to my django
> server via Ajax, which will then be forwarded to the FTP server the user
> provided. However, I'd like to not have to create a new FTP server
> connection every time the client sends an FTP command. In other words, I
> want to keep the FTP connection alive between requests by the client.
> How would I do this? Would some sort of comet implementation be best? I was
> initially planning to use WebSockets until I discovered my host won't allow
> it. =\

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