Saturday, December 31, 2011

Re: startproject will NOT work.

> No, that's not wrong, that's how it should be. The python interpreter
> is in your path, but you're telling the interpreter which file to run.
> If you tell it to run a file and there is no such file in the
> current directory, it's correct to give you an error message.
> Does this little script tell you correctly the number of arguments you
> pass to it?
> --bart

Ok I've had a breakthrough (I guess,lol). I started a command prompt
from my Python Scripts folder (C:\Python27\Scripts\), typed in "Python startproject mysite", and it worked!! I now have the
"mysite" folder with appropriate subfolders (,,,

Is this working correctly?? Should I have to create Projects in the
Python Scripts Folder?? Should it work from another (any misc dir)

And, can I leave it in the Scripts Folder or should I move it?? If I
do move it, will that cause other problems??

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