Thursday, December 29, 2011

Re: Good notation for showing MVC interactions (i.e. Django)

An example of a BPMN2 diagram with swimlanes, which I created for a

What I am looking for is something suited towards showing architecture
bounds and the interactions between each section of MVC.

> I find that when thinking something through at the whiteboard with
> another developer, the most common diagram I'll use is a UML sequence
> diagram. I drew one on the wall just yesterday. Here's one
> ( I did up a bit
> fancier a while ago while working through a gnarly design problem.

That's a good notation, and one which I will use for RESTful API modelling.

I sometimes use use-case diagrams and quite rarely also use class
diagrams and ER Diagrams.

I use BPMN2 to show logic to both technical and non-technical team-members.

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