Thursday, June 28, 2012

Re: locating the functionality behind the HTML element

On 06/27/2012 08:55 PM, Smaran Harihar wrote:
> Hi Guys,
> I am new to Django and have completed the initial basic tutorials in
> the django doc. I am presently working on a pre-customized
> django application. I was wondering how I can use FireBug to locate
> the code in a specific element (like button). In the sense, in general
> the web development once we are able to locate the button we are able
> to then locate the class of the specific element and JS attached to it
> and CSS. But in Django this cannot be done since everything is located
> in separate directories.
> Since I am entering into the Django code, where should I start looking
> for the CSS and JS files?

Hi Smaran,

You can install django-debug-toolbar. That will tell you which templates
are used to render a given page. You'll also see the whole template
inheritance hierarchy. Knowing the URL and those two bits of
information, you'll be able to mentally trace a request as it's handled
by, dispatched to a view function, which in turn feeds a
template. You can work forward from the URL or backward from the template.


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