Friday, June 29, 2012

Redirect question

I'm still learning django so please forgive if I write anything silly.

On my site I'm having something like: on url mysite/list/ I have list of something. On it I have link that leads to another view if you want to add new element to it let's say: mysite/list/add_item/ 

On that url I have form with some information that needs to be written and a file upload in the form. On form submit it actually goes to new view mysite/list/adding/ and there the needed work is done.

After the work is done I want to go back to the first url and view  mentioned. Thing is I would also like it to show a message up there about status of what happened, so I can't use redirect, and if I put render_to_response it actually shows the proper view with the appropriate message but url is not the right one, it keeps the mysite/list/adding/ (that is logical behaviour and I understand it) but I want mysite/list/.

I'm asking for a way to achieve this, do some work and redirect to some previous view with some context added. Also I would like you to point out if I did something here that could have been done in better way so I can do it right and learn for the future.

Also, I know it could be done with setting some get parameters for the redirect but I would like to keep the url clean if possible.

If you know please advise.


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