Thursday, February 28, 2013

Re: default filtering model admin (crud) using user obj attribute

Dear Tom and all

I really appreciate your response

On Thursday, February 28, 2013 9:13:56 PM UTC+7, Tom Evans wrote:
It seems like you are asking how to do multi-tenancy in the stock django admin?

Yes, excatly
Multi tenancy is tricky in django. Is there any reason you are not
using one of the already existing multi-tenancy efforts?

I took a look on some existing multi-tenancy efforts, but most (all ?) of them share the same Idea that there is no bussiness relation between tenant.

I need to build a solution to let tenant do business between them.

'Car' is just an example-case to make it easy to post to this group.
Let's say it's a network of Rent-Car companies , that can rent each other cars to be re-rented to the end user.
1. I want each company to be able to manage their own staff, but don't want the to touch the real 'User' model/table.
2. I want each company to be able to manage (CrUD) thei asset, but only 'See' their partner asset.
3. I want all company to do business betwen them.


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