Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Redirect and execute after 2 seconds?

Hi everyone! :)
I am working on a project for my studies, it is a web poll where you can only answer yes or no by clicking on buttons.
If the user clicked on one button, the result will be saved in a text-file and the user will be redirected to another page with a random id:
return HttpResponseRedirect ('/polls/'+str(sid))
If the user doesnt click on any button quickly enough, I want the page to redirect them after 3 seconds to another page with a random id AND i want to save the id of the question that wasnt answered.  How can I do it? I searched the web but only found the time.sleep function. As far as I understood, I cant use the sleep function because the site has to do other stuff while the 3 seconds pass.
I would be very thankful for any help on this!
Kind regards,

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