Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Re: StreamingHttpResponse into a Template

On 2013-02-27, at 18:23 , Stefano Tranquillini wrote:
> Django 1.5 is just came out and it ships the StreamingHttpResponse.
> What i want to do is to print the output of a stream response into a
> template

I'm pretty sure that doesn't make sense: the template has to be
rendered, and I'm pretty sure a given Django template doesn't render to
a stream given is still

What you *can* do is work the other way around, create a
StreamingHttpResponse and fill it with multiple renderings of a template.

> , having for example a bar that grows based on the streamed data
> (something similar to a loading bar).

If your render target is HTML, that doesn't make any sense either.
That's just not how HTML works. You might be able to send a CSS
stream with incremental rules overwriting one another and growing
a "loading bar", but that's abuse of the whole thing and not of
much use.

> so far i've found a solution that basically is to write the pieces of the
> final html page into the generator function, so each yield does a
> render_to_text of a piece of the final html page (i splitted it manually)
> putting each time the data just processed.
> The problem of this solution is that i can't have the loading bar. What I'm
> able to have are incremental data, so i can print out the list of processed
> data, but it's different to what i want to do.
> Is there a way to do what i would like to do?

Think about it again and explain what you're originally trying to
achieve. You seem to be approaching the problem from the wrong
direction, as far as I can read.

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