Sunday, September 27, 2015

django query, order results such that th128 > th99

Is it possible to order the query result strings in such a way that th128 string would be first comparing to th99.
The query results contains 128 items in format: "th"+number. For instance, th1, th2, ...th80, ..th99, th100, th128.
Than i order results, they go in the following order, th1, th10,th100, th101,th102,... th11,th110, ... th2, th20, th21,th22,.. th9,..th99.
Thus i am not able to get the largest result, which is th128. I am getting th99 instead.

def temp(request):
    query = request.GET.get( 'q','')
    #a=Aref5.objects.filter(Rname__contains='book').count()  #finds128
    a=Aref5.objects.filter(Rname__contains='book').order_by('-Rname')[0:1].get() #gets aref5 object
    print(a.Rname) #prints th99 instead of th128, which logically is larger
    return render_to_response('Ath.html', {"query": query})

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