Sunday, September 27, 2015

Looking for advise on exporting data from multiple models


I'm just getting back into Django development after about 4 yrs with some other technologies and looking for some advise on what should be a pretty straight forward task.

 I have developed a django app this will be the curation point for a very large number of data feeds; these data feeds of course are connect by FKs to various data categories, grouped in bundles with other feeds, have various data use licenses that apply to them, etc.  In a nutshell this collection of data represents a product catalog that will be presented as part of an in-app store for a collection of iOS and Android apps. 

Obviously I could make this a REST API where the app requests data about each model but for efficiency sake (and to keep down my bandwidth bill) my goal is to export this to a single JSON file as data are added/changed (which will be a relatively show turn-over) and keep it someplace like S3 where apps download it.

What I am looking to do is be able to process and export all of these models in one shot - the django admin system seems very focused on single-model CRUD operations and also doesn't seem to have a easy way to add new panels for cross-model commands/actions to the default admin panels.

So, I guess I am asking for advise on 2 things:

   1) a good starting point/example for working with multiple models simultaneously, and
   2) a way to add a new panel to the admin interface for these kinds of high-level cross-model actions?

Any advise/pointers would be appreciated!


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