Thursday, September 24, 2015

Re: Problem with date validator

Hi Felix,

From what I know model and form DateField are completely TIME_ZONE agnostics.

This is not the case for DateTimeField however. Is this what you're using?


Le jeudi 24 septembre 2015 15:13:01 UTC-4, felix a écrit :
El 23/09/15 17:12, felix escribió:

When today's date is entered in the form  it shows a form error saying that this date (today) is in the future.
What is wrong with the validator I'm using to allow dates until today?

import datetime


class SolicitudBase(models.Model):
    fecha = models.DateField(validators=[MaxValueValidator(, message="This date can't be in the future")])

I'm using Mysql and the following settings in my django project related to timezone are commented:

#USE_TZ = True

My server (debian 7) is using US/Eastern timezone.

and right now:
root@webapp:~# date
Wed Sep 23 17:04:36 EDT 2015

Thanks in advance,

Thanks Simon for your suggestion.
I forgot to mention that it only happens with the present date (today) but it doesn't happen with past dates. So it makes me think it could be a time zone issue.


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