Sunday, September 27, 2015

NoReverseMatch error in django 1.8

this is my views and
as long as use <a> tag in my template show error


urlpatterns = [      url(r'^bookee/$', views.index, name='index'),      url(r'^bookee/user/(?P<user>[a-z0-9-._@+]\w+)/$', views.uprofile, name='userprofile'),      url(r'^bookee/user/(?P<user>[a-z0-9-._@+]\w+)/book/(?P<bookid>\d)/$', views.bookprof, name='bookp'),      url(r'^bookee/user/(?P<user>[a-z0-9-._@+]\w+)/publisher/(?P<publishid>\d)/$', views.publishprof, name='publishep'),    ]



def uprofile(request, user):      usr = User.objects.get(username=user)      book = Book.objects.filter(user=usr)      return render(request, 'u/uprof.html', {'usr': usr, 'book': book})      def bookprof(request, user, bookid):      usr = User.objects.get(username=user)      bookid = Book.objects.get(id=bookid)      # bookd = Book.objects.filter(id=bookid)      return render(request, 'u/uprof.html', {'usr':usr,'bookid': bookid})      def publishprof(request, user, publishid):      usr = User.objects.get(username=user)      pubid = Publisher.objects.get(id=publishid)      publisher = Publisher.objects.filter(id=pubid)      return render(request, 'u/uprof.html', {'usr':usr,'publisher': publisher})


    <a href="{% url 'bookp' %}">          <p>          list of books      </p>          </a>
NoReverseMatch at /bookee/user/admin/    Reverse for 'bookp' with arguments '()' and keyword arguments '{}' not found. 1 pattern(s) tried: ['bookee/user/(?P<user>[a-z0-9-._@+]\\w+)/book/(?P<bookid>\\d)/$']

thanks for your help

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