Sunday, September 27, 2015

Looking for advise/examples on working with multiple models & export to JSON


Am getting back into Django after a few years away working with a mess of other platforms and looking for some advise on how to accomplish what should be a pretty straight-forward task.

I'm working on a django app that will be the curation point for a large number of data feeds.  These feeds are connected to other models in the DB including categories the feeds are in, packages that define the external view of a feed to a possible consuming app, bundles which group together collections of these feeds, licenses that describe the terms of use for each feed, bundle etc. 

My goal is to be able to export these various data/models as a single JSON file that will be up on something like S3 for various apps to ingest -- this data will be (pretty obviously) the basis of an in-app online store/catalog used by mobile apps for iOS and Android.

There are two areas I could use some pointers in:
  1. Pointers to a good example of working with, and exporting data, from these multiple models using Django
  2. How to add a top-level cross-model admin panel -- Django's admin panel seems very focused on single-model CRUD operations -- for these kids of cross-app operations. I'd like to be able to have a panel to invoke scripts/process like the one described above;  I've looked at a few packages like django-admin-tools but these don't address this issue directly.

Any advise/pointers would be greatly appreciated


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