Saturday, January 23, 2021

Django Accountancy Desktop App Inspired By Xero

Hi guys,

I have just finished my first ever full stack web app, which is built with django of course. It is an open source accountancy app based partly on Xero, one of the leading products in the market, but with some differences. It is by no means a complete accountancy system but I hope it would serve as a good basis for one.

The live demo (also on the github repo mentioned below) is at - if you want to check it out. There is no need to supply your email address to sign up.

There is also the option to deploy to our own dyno on Heroku if don't want to share data with randomers. Again the link is in the github repo below.

I welcome any constructive feedback. Especially since I would like to switch careers to web development sooner rather than later.

Hope you enjoy it!

Github repo -


Please view the website in the latest Chrome, Firefox or Edge browser. Safari has not been tested but probably works. It is also built for the desktop and not smaller screens.

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