Monday, January 25, 2021

Re: How to intergrate openpyxl with django and using the excel sheet as the database to query data

Hi Ernest,

On 25/01/2021 10.25, Ernest Thuku wrote:
> Hello Everyone,
> I have a python file which I run on the terminal and give me the result
> that I want. I want to to do the same via a web app whereby instead of
> interacting with the terminal, I can do that via a browser through a
> form. I have decided to choose django as the server. Below is the file
> that I need to integrate to django. It works well in the terminal. I
> also have the excel file.
> Now my concern was how can I integrate it with django such that fields
> like link_name can be filed through a form and when I click a button
> should give the required results. Thank you fo your time.

Sounds like that should be very simple to do. Have you had a look at how
Django uses forms:

If you don't have any experience with Django (to be honest, it sounds a
bit like that) it would probably be a very good idea to start with the

After you've been through that, you should have a pretty good idea on
what to do. If you have any problems after that, then share the code
here and I'm sure someone will help you with the specific problems you
might face.

Kind regards,

Kasper Laudrup

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