Sunday, April 28, 2013

Admin module - modify SQL Query used for Edit and Save Models

I have a model where I have used AES_ENCRYPT(value, key) to save data in a MySQL database.  It is set as a varbinary field.

So the issue is; when trying to edit the model in Django, it does not render a widget for the field.

I've tried the aesfield from github but that does some funky thing with HEX and tagging the type of encryption used.  Not what I want, as the database already has 8300 records and other applications that access it using queries like
select field1, field2, AES_DECRYPT(field3, 'key') from ...

So I can't change how the data is stored or I'll break the other applications.

How can I setup customer "SELECT' and "SAVE" (insert, update), queries for a model in django?
Or am I stuck creating my own form and processing and related CRUD operations for this Model?


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