Monday, April 29, 2013

Unefficient SQL query while excluding results on QuerySet

Hello, I'm trying to figure up if I've found a bug and if anyone has already solved a similar problem:
I've got two basic models (I've simplified them to make it easier to understand):

class A(models.Model):      pass    class B(models.Model):      name = models.CharField(max_length=15)      a = models.ForeignKey(A)  

Now I want to select rows from table a that are refered from table b that dont have some value in collumn name.
Here is sample SQL I expect Django ORM to produce:

SELECT * FROM nonefficient_foreign_key_exclude_a a  INNER JOIN nonefficient_foreign_key_exclude_b b ON = b.a_id  WHERE NOT ( = '123');

In case of filter() method of django.db.models.query.QuerySet it works as expected:
>>> from nonefficient_foreign_key_exclude.models import A  >>> print A.objects.filter(b__name='123').query  SELECT `nonefficient_foreign_key_exclude_a`.`id` FROM `nonefficient_foreign_key_exclude_a` INNER JOIN `nonefficient_foreign_key_exclude_b` ON (`nonefficient_foreign_key_exclude_a`.`id` = `nonefficient_foreign_key_exclude_b`.`a_id`) WHERE `nonefficient_foreign_key_exclude_  b`.`name` = 123  
But if I use exclude() method (a negative form of Q object in underlaying logic) it creates a really strange SQL query:
>>> print A.objects.exclude(b__name='123').query  SELECT `nonefficient_foreign_key_exclude_a`.`id` FROM `nonefficient_foreign_key_exclude_a` WHERE NOT ((`nonefficient_foreign_key_exclude_a`.`id` IN (SELECT U1.`a_id` FROM `nonefficient_foreign_key_exclude_b` U1 WHERE (U1.`name` = 123  AND U1.`a_id` IS NOT NULL)) AND `none  fficient_foreign_key_exclude_a`.`id` IS NOT NULL))
Does anyone knows why ORM makes a subquery instead of just JOIN?

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