Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Need explanation of the flow of info between my javascript, my View, and my template, trying to diagnose my current roadblock.

Hey guys, I need a little help. Here is what I'm trying to do.
I would like to have a html button execute a javascript on click, and the javascript should send an GET reguest to the server which should execute the View for the page requested. For some reason I can't get it to work...

here is what I've done
(1) I have a working View that executes successfully when the main page is requested.
(2) The View loads the template that has the html button and javascript.
(3) I have confirmed the when the button is clicked the javascript executes.

However the page doesn't change to the new page requested, and I get a 404 error.... however, the page is there and I link to it from other places in the code.

Maybe I misunderstand something in the way the request and load and ajax stuff works, I'm still a novice.

Here is my code...

//////////////////////// html & javascript ////////////////////////////////////
<script type='text/javascript'>
$(function (){
  $("#blog1").click(function (){   
    var id =  $( "#blog1" ).val();
    var data = { id:id };
    $("#blog1").prop('value', 'works');
  return false;

/////////////////// View /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
def control_page(request):

  sliderB = Slider.objects.get(sliderID=1)
  sliderR = Slider.objects.get(sliderID=2)
  sliderG = Slider.objects.get(sliderID=3)
  sliderP = Slider.objects.get(sliderID=4)
  preprogram1 = Preprogram.objects.get(preprogramID=1)
  preprogram2 = Preprogram.objects.get(preprogramID=2)
  preprogram3 = Preprogram.objects.get(preprogramID=3)
  pin1 = Pin.objects.get(pinID=1)
  variables = RequestContext(request, {'pin1': pin1, 'preprogram1': preprogram1, 'preprogram2': preprogram2, 'preprogram3': preprogram3, 'sliderB':sliderB, 'sliderR':sliderR, 'sliderG':sliderG, 'sliderP':sliderP})
  return render_to_response('control_page.html', variables)

/////////////////////////// urls ///////////////////////////////////////////////////
urlpatterns = patterns('',
  (r'^$', main_page),
  (r'^media/(?P<path>.*)$', 'django.views.static.serve', {'document_root': settings.MEDIA_ROOT}),
  (r'^login/$', 'django.contrib.auth.views.login'),
  (r'^logout/$', logout_page),
  (r'^user/(\w+)/$', user_page),
  (r'^control/$', control_page),
  (r'^gpio_control/$', gpio_control_page),
  (r'^slider/$', slider_page),
  (r'^read_more/$', read_more_page),
  (r'^admin/', include(admin.site.urls)),

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