Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Admin shows all users as staff and super user

Hi everyone,

My very first question here. I hope anyone can help me out with this...

I have created a Django powered site for my company. Everything works perfectly, except in our production environment,
where I have one bug in the admin that is quite annoying:

When I click a user to edit it, the "Staff" and "SuperUser" checkboxes are always checked for every user, even when they
shouldn't be. The database however does record these properties properly, and they work correctly in the application. Only
the admin is displaying them incorrectly in the "edit" page for a user. When looking at the user overview in the admin, the
"staff" property is correctly displayed.

Because of this error we need to be extra cautious when editing users, because we don't accidentally want to make anyone
a staff or superuser.

Does anyone know how I can attempt to debug this? Where should I start?

I am running:
Django 1.5.1 on Ubuntu 12.04 with SQL Server 2008R2 as my database (via pyodbc->UnixODBC->FreeTDS).

Thanks in advance for any hints you can provide!

Kind regards,

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