Friday, September 27, 2013

Re: Determine gender from first name

Hey Demetrio

You can use which is a free API.

A problem with determining a gender from a name is that people can call their children almost anything they'd like. tries to solve this by collecting data from social networks (where people can also call themselves whatever they'd like). Furthermore, it has the ability of filtering results by country or language.

It also provides a certainty factor along with the gender. So you can set a bar of when you want to trust it.

Den onsdag den 25. januar 2012 09.49.22 UTC+1 skrev Demetrio Girardi:
This is not a django-specific question, but I couldn't find anything
useful on the subject and have no better place to ask.

Let's say I want to put "welcome {{user.first_name}}" on top of my
template. In many languages, "welcome" has to be declined by gender. I
have no use for the user's gender otherwise, so I don't want to ask
for it in the registration process.

How can I go about this? Is there a publicly available database of
first names divided by language and gender? A public web-service that
guesstimates the gender?

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