Saturday, September 28, 2013

Re: CMS base to start with?

Hey Anton,

Here's good deep-dive into Mezzanine only published 24 hours ago:

On Saturday, 28 September 2013 02:35:28 UTC+10, Anton Melser wrote:

I'm pretty new to Django/Python and I'm starting a fairly major project (hopefully next 2+ years of my life :-)). If all goes well, there will be several developers on the project in a year or two - getting our hands dirty is what it's all about. Use something I know? PHP/.NET/Java - no thanks! It's going to be a long road and I've quickly seen the superiority of Python and the ease of development with Django and I'm definitely in for the long haul so... 

There is quite a bit of functionality that has been written 50k times before and I'd rather not reinvent, like advanced user management (social everything yadda yadda), some nice templates to start with (supporting bootstrap 3 within the next 2-3 months or so) and dynamic theming, blog, article management, easy plugging to search backends, content and user rating, unit tests, etc.

Beta versions are fine as long as the latest sexy version will go stable within 2-3 months and contributing back is a given, at least while it remains viable.

So I've been looking around at what to start with and there is quite a bit of choice. Django-CMS, Mezzanine, FeinCMS to name but a few... 

The stuff I refer to above is stuff I would REALLY like to have out of the box (ie, it's what we're starting with), for the rest (marketplace, mapping, geo-location, kitchen sink, etc.) we just need for it to be easy to add new modules which by then I/we should be able to write from scratch anyway, if needed. Other stuff we probably don't need at all like multi-lang.

I guess the only other particularity is that we are going to need excellent caching - we are expecting around 90% of the traffic on 2-3 days and serious peaking within that. Going PAAS is not out of the question but if we can get away with some advanced caching then I'd rather start with that and then if cashflow warrants it re-evaluate the situation later. 

So, should I start with a CMS? If so, which one? What I'm really looking for is a base to start with that I don't end up saying "why the #!@& did I start with X" in 12 months time...

Any opinions or insults are most welcome!


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