Monday, September 29, 2014

Re: AppRegistryNotReady error running fastcgi on IIS

I was, but it turns out that wasn't the issue. I asked the question on the pytools site (here), thinking it was possible an issue with wfastcgi. It turns out it's not an issue with wfastcgi. It's that At 1.6, the recommended handler was 


At 1.7, it seems the correct handler is now


which calls django.setup() directly.

As soon as I replaced my handler in my web.config file, the issue disappeared. As you can see at the issue on the pytools site, there is still plenty of confusion as to the proper way to use wfastcgi in a pure wsgi application, but at least I can run my application. Thanks.

On Monday, September 29, 2014 2:38:38 PM UTC-5, Collin Anderson wrote:
Are you sure you're calling django.setup() before the first request happens?

From what I can tell, an error happens while processing a request, and then this error happens while trying to generate a pretty error message.

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